Entry #6

Did I do this or not?...

2012-08-19 12:54:14 by Supersonic63Leo

What happened to my hands?...
Did do this or not?...
I didn't do this with a tablet because I was using my laptop in doing this. Meaning to say I used a mouse in doing all of this... I don't believe a thing... I mean, my artwork is not as good as this when I use the mouse but now what happened. And one more thing, I used MS Paint. Is this seriously possible? Actually... It is possible, I am just going to upload the flash soon. I am going to take requests in this style of art from now on... I take requests people! But I am seriously going to make a tutorial for this style. Thank you for reading :) God bless you!

Did I do this or not?...


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2012-08-19 22:39:40

Heeey, this looks pretty neat. Good job!

Supersonic63Leo responds:

ty ;)


2012-08-20 03:04:37

Yeah for reals! Great stuff!

Supersonic63Leo responds:

Thank thankies :)